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A sticker has a dynamic visual role to play in promotion and adds vibrancy to your business marketing material. We print made-to-order stickers in full colour and our high quality sticker printing comes at low prices and you will be supported by our top notch printing customer service. 

We understand choosing the right sticker can be confusing as there are so many varieties to choose from. Whether you need little stickers, large decals, adhesive stickers or window cling stickers for your shop, Trade Stickers Direct offer a huge range of shapes, designed, styles and patterns. Simply download one of our templates to help you with your design inspiration.

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To help you in your decision, here are a few descriptions of our stickers we process for printing: 


Waterproof Stickers

Our waterproof stickers are made from adhesive waterproof vinyl and stick to many surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, and wood. This makes them perfect for use on anything from children’s playground equipment and swimming pool notices to signs on outside walls and buildings. Kitchens often have signs and labels in them and waterproof stickers are ideal as they are impervious to both water and heat. The printing will not smudge if the sticker is wiped or smeared.  Outdoor equipment and machinery usually have stickers on them indicating health and safety issues, and instructions on proper use of the equipment – durability being an important feature for these warnings and instructions to be observed at all times.

Window Cling Stickers

This says what it does in the title.  The great advantage of window clings is they don’t require a layer of glue like the more common vinyl or paper stickers. The window cling actually sticks to the glass of a window using surface tension, so when the offer or promotion is over and has to be peeled off the window there is no glue residue left to clean off. This sticker is designed specifically for sticking to the inside of windows and will view correctly on the outside.  The window cling sticker is white or clear.

Adhesive Vinyl Stickers  

These are plastic or PVC stickers which are durable and, unlike paper stickers, can withstand outdoor conditions, such as rain and heat, and can be wiped clean giving them a long life. Our vinyl stickers are available in permanent or removable, black back for no "show through" of light or surface underneath, crack back for an easy peal reverse and special Livery stickers for the side of vehicles.

White or Clear Self Adhesive Vinyl

This is a plastic PVC sticker which is durable and unlike paper stickers can withstand outdoor conditions and can be wiped for easy cleaning giving them a very long life.  These vinyl stickers are available in permanent or removable, black back for no "show through" of light or surface underneath, crack back for an easy peal reverse and  special Livery stickers for the side of vehicles.

Car Stickers

Not only are car stickers fun and decorative, they can be practical too. Using car stickers for advertising is cheap, easy and effective. Displaying your company or business name and logo on your car will ensure it is seen by a great many people because, unlike static advertisements, car advertisements are spotted moving round in different local locations. 

Band Stickers

Many of us have a favourite band, and like to own something which reminds us of their music and shows our support as fans. Band stickers can be used by music bands both for promoting their band and raising funds for their band or for charity, by selling their own personalised stickers to members of the public, or they can be used simply to customise band equipment.

 Please contact us should you have any queries or would like to make an enquiry.




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